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Moreover, even if you have already removed the application, the cache files remain on your Mac.

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Sometimes their size can become tens of gigabytes and fill up the disk memory. Follow this guide to find out how to clear the cache from your Mac step by step.

How to Recover Corrupted Files

Most Mac users find it a little complicated to delete cache files manually. There is another much easier and quicker way to delete cache files.

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Use the free application Funter. Funter is a super easy and efficient tool to search folders and different system files, no matter if they are hidden or not. Select Cache files and click Remove button in the right bottom corner.

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Funter is a useful tool to get rid of any unneeded data on your Mac with one or two clicks. It shows all hidden files that neither Finder nor Terminal can find.

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With Funter, you can easily clear the cache, prevent your Mac from going slowly, find download folders and unnecessary files. It happens that cache memory may be useful, for example, it keeps passwords saved in browsers.

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Find the steps here to remove distinct cache folders responsible for specific applications. Usually they named in this manner: Now, if you have an application that works incorrectly, you can find the corresponding preference file in the above-mentioned folder and remove it from there. On the next launch of the application, it will recreate a default version of that file and then begin working properly.


Tips for Deleting Stubborn Files

It's highly advised that you make a copy of the preference file before you delete it, just in case something goes wrong. So, to remove unnecessary system preferences or preference files that are bugging your your application , check the: Ivan Exploring latest tech trends.

Delete Preference Files in Mac OSX

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