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Select your preferred destination location for your recorded file under Destination if you like. Once set, it will record the rest of your DVDs there. Find the file that was just recorded on your computer, and drag and drop it on the iTunes icon. You may have your iTunes set differently, but iTunes usually copies this file into its own location, so you may delete the original file from the location to which Handbrake recorded it.

This, and all the other DVDs you record on your computer, appear when you click "Movies" near the top your left-side iTunes Library bar. See Secrets of iTunes or ask at the Apple Store if you need help; you probably set this back when you bought your iPod, iPad or iPhone. When you connect your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer, click on its icon on the left side of iTunes.

This means that you probably won't be able to copy your entire DVD library to your device at once, and you will have to select which movies you want at any one time. Check "Automatically include all" if your device has enough memory look along the bottom for a bar graph , or don't check it and select below which movies you want recorded into your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch. Click "Sync" at the bottom, and the movies will copy into your device. It will take a few minutes for each movie. You may select different movies or each of your devices at the "Movies" tab along the top.

To change the movies on your device, connect your device, change the selections under the Movies tab, and hit Sync again. Much better than if your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch actually did have a DVD slot, it just starts playing instantly without needing to click any menus. To record more DVDs, start at step 3. Click the upper-left "Source" to select the new DVD.

Opening DVD Player in MacOS Mojave the Easy Way: Spotlight

You can record as many as you like to your computer remember, they take up about a Gigabyte each on your hard drive , and copy as many as you like at a time to your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch. Before you go on a trip, it's easy to select different DVDs from your library to copy into your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch , and you can have different ones on each device.

Potential gotchas are 1. This way the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone would stay in your hands and be controlled there, and the picture would be on your big screen. I haven't tried it.

How to use another computer's DVD drive across a network with macOS Remote Sharing

With the Apple TV and most of the other suggestions above, just plug the audio into your stereo. With an iPad in your hands, you don't need no stinking big-screen ten feet away. If you're watching in your lap, you will still want some real speakers for the sound. You can use any 3.

Apple makes this so easy it's astounding that some people waste their time with expensive third-party remote controls that never work.

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All you need to do is buy an Apple Airport Express , plug it in behind your stereo, and use your choice of 3. When you play your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and tap the picture, you'll see a new icon to the right of the volume control slider.

How to Access the Remote CD/DVD Drive on the Mac without a Superdrive

It looks like an envelope. Tap it, and you'll have the new option to send the player's sound directly to the Airport Express and your stereo! When you use the Airport Express to play to your stereo, now you can control the volume, and everything else, from the iPad, iPod or iPhone in your hand. The only gotcha to the Airport Express is that you need a computer to set it up the first time. You set it up wirelessly from your computer, but it does ask a bunch of confusing questions depending on what you want it to do. In the s, I worked in Hollywood both to a small extent helping develop the DVD format in the first place, and then to a large extent helping studios master DVDs.

Today, I'm a photographer who creates his own DVD movies. I love having my hour-long home video DVDs of my kids in my Mac and iPad to watch at any time, which is why I figured out how to do this. I have no time to edit this stuff in iMovie; it goes out as-shot and the grandparents love it. I don't shoot with a newer "solid state" camcorder so I have no files on my computer; I prefer to shoot on tape, write to DVD, and then I need to store my DVD material in a more compact form on my computer for play-out and archiving.

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Each hour now only consumes 1 GB of drive space, and the original data is saved on the origiunal DV tape if I ever needed to edit it. Having all my video on my iPad or computer is a zillion times better than trying to go find the DVDs or original DV tapes and camcorder from which they were created. Exactly as the iPod revolutionized trying to find and play our LPs, cassettes and CDs, now we can have all our videos in the same place where we can find and enjoy them.

If you want to play commercially purchased DVDs for which you don't own the copyright you do not own the copyright if you purchase a DVD , this process might work, but even if it does, the laws that define what you may or may not do are changing all the time, and are different for each country. Ask your local intellectual property I. The Internet is a big place, I'm not a lawyer, and even if I was, this website is read in hundreds of different countries, and even if I had all the answers today, they'd change tomorrow when you read this.

I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem. The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. Enter your email address below:. I went to spotlight and entered DVD Player. Is there something wrong with my Spotlight app? I have been using the Superdrive to burn jpg images onto discs to send to clients.

I have had several sessions with Apple support and still awaiting a solution. The drive worked fine until Mojave was installed.

Use iPad Pro as Your Mac Mini Display With Luna Display!

Have any of your found a solution to this? Why do they feel the need to keep moving apps to the CoreServices folder? Most of these could just be left in the Utilities folder, and everyone could find them easier. I wonder the same thing, the Utilities folder is a great place to store basically every item found in CoreServices. The DVD Player app and wi-fi utilities in there are excellent for example, they should be less hidden from the user. Many Mac users would like quick access to these tools, and others.

You can always make aliases I guess…. My local store is still full of them and they are selling. They are selling because we dont live in Palo Alto and have mbs internet and the ability to download a box set of a series is years away. If I had thrown away my dvd burner when Jobs told me to I would have had no customers.

Mac tip: How to share a DVD drive over Wi-Fi with Remote Disc | here's the thing

I just tried to play a DVD and noticed that the computer had no idea what to do. I eventually located the player using Pathfinder and was amazed to find a little box of unused apps. Why put them there? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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