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However, some Open Type fonts include more ornate, optional ligatures, which can be produced when you choose Discretionary Ligatures. To apply these ligatures, choose Discretionary Ligatures from the OpenType panel menu.

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You can copy text from Microsoft Word, and paste it directly into a document. The pasted text's alignment and direction is automatically set to that of the Arabic or Hebrew text. Sentences that have more words that can fit into one line of text automatically wrap into the next line. The type of text justification when wrapping occurs sometimes causes unnecessary spaces to appear in the line that are not aesthetically pleasing or linguistically correct. Hyphenation enables you to split the word at the end of a line, using a hyphen. This fragmentation causes the sentence to wrap into the next line in a better way.

Mixed text: The Kashida insertion feature affects how hyphenation occurs in mixed text. When enabled, Kashidas are inserted where applicable, and non-Arabic text is also hyphenated. When the Kashida feature is disabled, only non-Arabic text is considered for hyphenation. This functionality is disabled when you choose Arabic as the Language in the Character panel. Hebrew text: Hyphenation is allowed. Arabic and Hebrew users can perform full text search and replace.

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In addition to searching and replacing simple text, you can also search and replace text with specific characteristics. These characteristics can include diacritical marks, Kashidas, special characters for example, Alef , digits in different languages for example, digits in Hindi , and more. In the Arabic script, a diacritic or a diacritical mark is a glyph used to indicate consonant length or short vowels.

A diacritical mark is placed above or below the script. For better styling of text, or improved readability of certain fonts, you can control the vertical or horizontal position of diacritical marks:. Arabic and Hebrew users can apply glyphs from the default character set. Arabic and Hebrew type Search.

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  • Illustrator User Guide. Select an article: These updates will be published by IBM when they are available.

    Subscribe to My Notifications to be notified of important product support alerts like this. Customers can evaluate the impact of this vulnerability in their environments by accessing the links in the Reference section of this Security Bulletin. More support for: WebSphere MQ. Site availability. Site assistance. While in Arabic or Hebrew, you can indicate the direction in which you are writing. When this feature is enabled, the cursor has an arrow that indicates the direction of writing. In Arabic text, diacritical marks can be colored differently for stylistic or other purposes.

    For example, diacritical marks can be lay emphasis on a particular aspect of a word or sentence. You can find and change the color of diacritical marks using the Change Arabic Diacritic Color query. Arabic and Hebrew features in InDesign Search. InDesign User Guide. Select an article: Applies to: Adobe World-Ready Composers. You can also save your files with Arabic and Hebrew names.

    Text direction. Select the paragraph direction from the Paragraph panel. Paragraph direction selection. Character direction. Story direction.

    Automatic Kashida insertion. Automatic Kashidas. Select text. Choose Ligatures from the Character panel menu or the Control panel menu. Enable automatic ligatures. Diacritical marks.

    Arabic and Hebrew type in Illustrator

    For better styling of text, or improved readability of certain fonts, you can control the vertical or horizontal position of diacritical marks: Select text that has diacritical marks In the Character panel, modify the position of the diacritic marks relative to the script. Change the position of diacritical marks. Copy-paste from Microsoft Word. Default fonts. Legacy font support. Digit Types. However, you can switch to Arabic digits, if necessary: Select the digits in the text typed.

    Digit type selection.

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    Hyphenation options. Find and replace. Arabic and Hebrew users can perform full text search and replace.

    Arabic and Hebrew features in InDesign

    To perform text find-and-replace: However, to browse, select, and apply a glyph from the default character set or a different language set, use the Glyphs panel: Browse, select, and apply glyphs. Justification Alternates. InDesign Paragraph-level: Photoshop Character-level: Special Middle East characters insertion. Some characters in Arabic and Hebrew are difficult to insert in text. Insert a special ME character. Table direction. To set the direction of a new table: To change the direction of an existing table: