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More Features: You can browse your iTunes backup files with a Free iTunes Backup Explorer to read and access iphone backup files.

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Read more: As files from iphone backup is saved in the form of unreadable and hidden folder. Even though you know the location of backup files:. After finding the files. If you accidentally deleted the important images on your iPhone, please don't worry!

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It is not the end of the world. There are three ways for you to recover deleted pictures from iPhone. Method 1. Restore deleted iPhone pictures from iTunes You can regain your deleted iPhone pictures by extracting the previous iTunes backup file, if you've synced your device with iTunes.

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Method 2. Recover deleted iPhone pictures by restoring from iCloud iCloud automatically backs up the most important data on your iOS device using iOS 5 or later. So you can restore the accidentally deleted images from iPhone by restoring from iCloud if you have an available backup file. Detailed steps. The other day I was having another go at solving this annoying problem when I thought to look at the Accessibility settings in System Preferences.

Double-click speed. At some point when the MacBook Air was new I must have gone in there, moved the slider to Fast and then forgotten all about it. Once I moved the slider back towards Slow I was finally able to double-click on the Trackpad exactly as I expected. The main focus of MacTips is to help you learn how to use your Apple gear better, so you can be more efficient and effective and have more fun.

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I have had this same problem forever. I never thought of checking the accessibility settings.

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Fixed instantly. Thank you. It is a bit tricky to retrieve them and get access to your documents, but if you really need them, here is what you do:.

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On your backup disk, open the folder that contains the iTunes backup that should contain your lost notes and navigate to the following directory:. If you have more than one iOS device, there may be several ID numbers and some of the entries have a date and time appended. At the very top of the file you will find something likeā€¦. This makes it easy to identify the backup we are looking for. Copy that backup folder to your Desktop. When finished, change the title of the folder by appending a date; this should make the folder unique.