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Website Link: Witness futuristic backdrop of city building gaming in Anno Players have to compete with other corporations as the leader of their corporation. Take the next step in the city building game for PC, with the promise to build a better future. Conquer Earth and establish prosperous developing cities in the process to safeguard the prosperity of your people. For several purposes, the player might have to travel into the distinct space. The game allows you to bloom your corporation and expand it to the Moon. Build a city driven by your actions that thrives on every opposing circumstance.

Anno Come across the thrill as well as the hardships of maintaining a city in Cities: The simulation is a modern take classic city-building game for PC, coming with a fully comprehended transport system. Every player can mod the gameplay as per his or her style of playing to get the perfect balance between the complex and exciting game simulation. Engage yourself in urban planning through zoning, placements of roads and buildings , etc.

The open-ended city building game for Windows is just limited by your imagination. Go beyond your imagination with by making a real city with all amenities and actual infrastructure.

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The awaited sequel to transit simulation game Cities in Motion is here. Cities in Motion 2 is built on the same backdrop like its predecessor. In the game, the player can build, manage as well as direct the network of transportation in the city. The city building strategy game comes with multiplayer modes, day and night phases, timetables and dynamic movement in cities. Facilitate the transportation needs of the citizens of the city and create efficient public means of transport.

Top 10 Best City Building Games

Beat the rush hour by controlling the timetables and movement of transport. The choices of the player made in the city building game for PC affect the growth of the city. Build up a maximum-security prison in Prison Architect. Inheriting a 2D simulation and construction mechanism, the player has to control as well as build the prison. With the upgrade of the prison, the player needs to recruit the staff and other people to manage the various aspects of prison. You do act as an architect and governor in the game.

In the city building game for Mac, the player can add workshop as per the reform programs. The game comes in two modes, Story Mode and Escape Mode allowing the player to play both as the jailor and as a prisoner hell-bent on escaping the prison. Keep the population of exiled travelers alive and aid them to restart their life in Banished. The player has to control the travelers and grow the new land into a successful culture. Travelers do have clothes and a cart filled with supplies of their homeland.

The main source of your city building game for PC is the townspeople. Kingdoms and Castles is a game about growing a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle.

Best City-building games per platform

There will be challenges to overcome. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you. From dodgy deals to shifty tricks, do what you gotta do to go from small-time slumlord to filthy rich tycoon. Turn-based historical simulation strategy.

The 8 Best City-Building Games to Buy in 12222

Develop the Greek civilization from the small village to the great city-state when it will dominate the world! Transport Fever is a railroad-focused tycoon game. Players start in and build up a thriving transport company. As an emerging transport tycoon, the player constructs stations, airports, harbors and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services. Build up your own Empire! As a new Manager, build a happy community and trade with other races Yes, that's right, we need their happiness so we can power up our portals.

The Lings, your workers, will obey you and help you with your village. But beware, they can cause a lot of problems too. Build your settlement, gather goods, ensure maximum efficiency and make a profit! Pioneer a living world full of warmth, heroism, and mystery. Help a small group of settlers build a home for themselves in a forgotten land. Establish a food supply, build shelter, defend your people, monitor their moods, and find a way to grow and expand, facing challenges at every step.

Fight your way to box office glory, while fending off the gangs of New York!

37 Best City-Building Games for Mac OS

Will you spur a revolution or keep order in a fractious city? Games Like Tropico 5. The game uses a GlassBox Engine and provides with more enhanced graphics, updated content and a lot of other exciting things. Some of the new features of the game include finite resources and multiplayer gaming…. Recommend 3 9. Games Like SimCity.

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Colonization released in and lets the player control shelters from one of four nations such as…. Recommend 2. The game offers a thrilling gameplay, in which you have to manage your colony and control the colonist to discover technologies, gather resources, and expand the colony to progress. Recommend 1.

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Games Like Oxygen Not Included. First Strike: The game offers a thrilling environment, and it introduces up to twelve nuclear superpowers of the world. You as the commander must select your territory, and involve in the conflict…. Games Like First Strike: Final Hour. It takes place in the world of creation and magic with adorable mythical creatures and animals. There are tons of customizable….

37 Best City-Building Games for Mac OS – Games Like

Recommend 1 2. Games Like Furcadia. Steam Win Mac Amazon. This wonderful game allows you to leave the Earth out of Curiosity and start exploring planet Mars, build mining facilities on the surface and gather resources as an Offworld Trading Company, process the resources in your….

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Recommend 1 4. Games Like Offworld Trading Company. Win Mac One Amazon. The game takes place in the Science-fiction environment, and the primary storyline of the game centers on the human colonization of an alien planet. You must build a new colony to survive…. Recommend 1 Games Like Aven Colony.

When you die, you receive a place in the…. Games Like Valhalla Hills. The Settlers 7: It is the 7th title in the series of The Settlers game and offers the similar gameplay to its previous installment. In the game,…. Games Like The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. The game offers sandbox building gameplay, in which you must assist a small alliance of gnomes, who have to build their Kingdom. It takes place in the fully destructive world where you can destroy…. Games Like Gnomoria. Rebuild 3: The game takes place in the zombie-apocalyptic and includes a variety of characters who are survivors.

It put you into the ruined city and assigned you a task to restore…. Games Like Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville. The game offers the similar gameplay like Minecraft and introduces different new blocks with unique properties. It enables you to go wild with your creativity and construct the house, building, city and village of your dreams…. Games Like Discovery. With a beautiful space theme, Spacebase DF-9 lets you…. Games Like Spacebase DF