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The thing is, it's all in good faith. Dedicated volunteer programmers develop better emulators in an effort to improve accuracy and add features. Sometimes that requires new ROMs. Other emulators fall out of favor as developers move on to different projects. Then Windows or Mac OS updates render languishing emulators unstable or otherwise unusable. Don't despair, though.

When researching that article, I ran into the aforementioned problem pretty often. This time around, I wanted to touch on the Mac side, primarily because of a huge development that has changed the vintage console gaming scene for the better: OpenEmu to the Rescue Originally released in , OpenEmu is not actually an emulator in and of itself. Instead, it's a robust front end for other console emulators.

How to Play Retro Games on Your Modern Mac With OpenEmu |

On its own, that's nothing new; front ends have existed for a long time. What makes OpenEmu different is that it works a lot like a streamlined iTunes—that is, if iTunes were smooth and fast, and not sluggish and confusing. For example, OpenEmu shows you actual box art for each of your games, and sorts them automatically by platform. It lets you make playlists of your favorite games by category across platforms, and universalizes controller schemes for each emulated system—all with easy-to-understand and attractive graphics.

But for game consoles, it's outstanding. And for once, it's a Mac exclusive, instead of something that only works on PCs. The best part: OpenEmu takes care of the core emulation engines behind each platform. When I think of a front end, normally I think of a program I'll have to install alongside a base emulator.

But OpenEmu does all that work for you, and comes packaged with integrated cores for popular systems—again with an iTunes-like, or even App Store-like interface.

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All you'll need to do is download the cores you want, each one with a single click from within OpenEmu. ROMs and Setup Before we go further, as with every article on game system emulation over the past two decades, I have to issue the standard disclaimer: In reality, though, it's a gray area—especially for titles that aren't available by any other means. I can't link directly to any ROM sites here. At the time of this writing, there's a really good site that rhymes with Pool Toms.

PSA: Don't Download ROMs From These Sites.

With all that out of the way, let's get started playing games. Emulators are a great option for trying out games from yesteryear, but not just any one will do. Our guide to the best SNES emulators currently available should help you get started with a program that fits your needs. Emulators have always existed in murky legal territory. While games enjoyed through emulation are no longer sold, the rights are often held by the original company.

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Instead, to power their adorable micro-console they turned to the same platform that pretty much every micro-computer uses: Linux on an ARM processor, like that found in most smartphones. Nintendo also built a custom emulator called Canoe. Canoe is far from the most compatible or even the more accurate emulator. Higan is the product of one of the big players in the field of emulation, byuu. The current version can run 12 different systems, but the one that started it all was the SNES.

Many of the most popular SNES emulators began development during the lates. HLE very much concentrates on functionality over form, which often resulted in certain games not working, or working incorrectly.

Playing SNES Games on the Mac

There was even a time when ROMs copied games had to be modified from their original format to work on these HLE emulators. Bsnes and later higan was built to be cycle accurate. This allows you to play games and get as close to the experience you would have on the console as possible.

How to Play Retro Games on Your Modern Mac With OpenEmu

The drawback is that it takes much more computational power to pull this off. The two developers of those emulators, Gary Henderson and Jerremy Koot, came together in July and merged their work. The result is SNES9x. Why use SNES9x when higan and bsnes have better compatibility and are more accurate? Actually, there are several areas in which SNES9x is the emulator to beat.

However, the forums are still active, and the emulator is being actively maintained by developer OV2. Yet there are a few excellent reasons to keep a copy around. Unfortunately, netplay was removed in version 1. Anyways, I really love this game.

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How do you set that up? If the extension on the file is. This website talks about SNES9x, it appears to be update frequently. The article has some download links and […]. Want some more emulators for your Mac? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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